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Endpoint Data Protection for Remote Offices, Desktops, Laptops and File Servers

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Atempo Live Navigator - Atempo-Live Navigator provides a standalone, near continuous data protection solution for multiple platforms like Win, Mac , Linux with advanced data de-duplication for remote offices, desktops and laptops providing transparent backup with no impact on end user performance, restoration of data by user himself without IT team involvement, cross platform restoration, Replication and mirroring capabilities, supported by IT Simple IAS(Implementation Assurance Service), De-duplication ensures shorter backup time and savings in storage and bandwidth, Works over Internet & WAN (Network Throttling), Can Backup open files on endpoints like PSTs.

Key Features and Benefits

Designed for Endpoint Devices

Intuitive Self-Service User Interface

Advanced Data De-duplication

Centralized Administration

WAN Optimized

Restoration over cross platform

Web restoration

Unified Data Management for Distributed Data

In today’s world, organizations are increasingly mobile, and strategic data is being shared across multiple systems and entities often geographically dispersed—from the corporate data center to endpoint devices like desktops and laptops. It is critical for organizations to consider building a strategy for data protection that encompasses both server and endpoint data protection that aligns with their corporate backup and recovery policy.

Atempo-Live Navigator reduces the cost and failures associated with protecting and recovering data across all enterprise systems, from endpoint devices toremote and branch offices.

Transparent Data Protection For Endpoint Devices

Today’s IT professionals face the daunting task of keeping an ever growing number of systems running and protected. Atempo-Live Navigator offers seamless data protection for desktops, laptops and file servers with the enterprise-grade capabilities typically found only in products designed for mission-critical servers.

Peace of Mind for Remote Offices and Branch Offices

As data at the edge of your infrastructure continues to grow, your legacy data protection and management tools can become less effective and more costly. This increases the management burden at the remote site and can directly impact your ability to protect data and maintain business continuity. Atempo-Live Navigator enables you to centralize data protection, retention and recovery operations to improve operational efficiency and reduce business risks associated with lost information.

Atempo-Live Navigator seamlessly handles local backup at remote sites and uses advanced data de-duplication to expedite recovery. Since Atempo-Live Navigator sends only unique, de-duplicated data from each remote site to the central location, it maximizes your existing network bandwidth, providing you with an efficient method for centrally protecting remote and branch office data.

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