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itSimple Cloud Backup: itSimple Cloud Backup is an advanced client-server based on-premises and cloud backup solution for Businesses and individuals in Bharat conditions features like: Low Bandwidth (LAN & Internet), Reports on your tips and Personalized Service by experts. The single solution can be deployed within a company to back up all virtual machines, servers, desktops and laptops.

Addressing Today’s Storage Management Challenges

itSimple Cloud Backup solution comes with flexible client-server architecture. Server-side centralized management console can be installed on your own backup server hosted in your datacenter, on cloud VM such as Microsoft Azure, or on backup appliances deployed in your offices. Users' backup data can be stored on your own backup server, or on cloud storage such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, etc., or the locally deployed backup appliances. The itSimple Cloud Backup client agents are for installing on the servers, workstations that need to be backed up. With proper configuration, your data will be automatically backed up or replicated to your managed storage.

itSimple Cloud Backup VMware backup and disaster recovery solution promises quick, safe and easy protection for your entire VMware environment. With our VM Run Direct instant recovery and Granular Restore capabilities you are able to up and running your business in critical situation.

Key Features and Benefits

Pooling of quota within organization

File level, continuous or scheduled backup

A Unique Restore Approach

Secure with your own encryption key option

Open PST/NSF Incremental backup with seeding option

Versioning, safeguard even when last version corrupted

Exhaustive Server backup option including RDBMs, multiple OS, Virtual

Multiple target storage support like. AWS, Google drive, Dropbox, iCloud, shared storage

Real Time Status Monitoring

Real time status of the system, current backup and restore jobs, errors and warnings, etc. are available at a glance for administrator to monitor the health of the backup system and troubleshoot quickly when needed.

Flexible Destination Management

itSimple Cloud Backup supports the use of local drive, mapped network drive, FTP / SFTP server, public cloud object storage as the backup destination for storing the backup data. Administrator can add as many destinations as required.

Runs on cloud Platform

itSimple Cloud Backup can be run on common cloud platforms including Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, which enables you to deploy the whole backup solution quickly and economically

Simple User Management

Managing backup users is simply a breeze. New users can be created automatically with our Windows AD integration. Bulk accounts can be created with our special tool. Customized policies can be applied to different group of users through Group Policy Management.

Instant Replication

If backup data are hosted on-premises, you can use the built-in Replication Module to replicate them to an offsite destination, such as an FTP/SFTP server or cloud storage for additional protection.

High Scalability

Archive and retrieval can be manual or automatic and available through third party applications. As the number of your backup users grows, you can always scale up the whole backup system easily by using the built-in Redirection Module for redirecting the extra user traffic to other itSimple Cloud Backup servers.

Centralized Administration for Users

Without agent installation, end users can access itSimple Cloud Backup anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-connected device to manage their own backup sets, backup/restore cloud data, monitor live activities and even restart the backed up VM directly on server.

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